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who we are

Purple Admiral Foundation for Community Development (IT/112038) is a registered NGO in Nigeria which undertakes projects in education, health, empowerment and rights, and environment. Located in Lagos, the foundation partners with individuals, corporate organisations, governments and international organisations to deliver on strategic projects that meets the needs of the ordinary Nigerian. Purple Admiral Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who have over 120 years cumulative industry experience in social work, education, librarianship, human rights, business development, information management, public relations, research, counselling and CSR. With their experience, trustees lead the organisation’s governing process while supporting its projects and administration. In order to achieve her objectives, we execute projects, campaigns, sensitisation and advocacy in the areas of our interest, and collaborate with diverse legitimate groups across Nigeria. The organisation was founded in 2018.

What We Do

We support short, mid and long-term projects in education, health, rights and empowerment and environment at local communities. Our projects are not limited to Lagos but includes those that can be implemented in other geo-political zones in Nigeria. We actively engage in research and reporting, media relations, advocacy and collaborated projects. Purple Admiral Foundation is at the forefront in the capacity building and training of a variety of stakeholder groups, including School Based Management Committees (SBMCs) in Lagos State.


To inspire breakthroughs in the way communities deal with their education, health, rights and environmental challenges; and to achieve sustainable and lasting change in their lives.


We envisage a world where all persons irrespective of location, hold the power to build opportunities for themselves and others.

board of trustees

Dr. Chris Ukpebor (PhD)

Lecturer, Librarian & Published Author

Dr. Ukpebor holds a Bachelors degree in Library Science (Education), Masters in Developmental Psychology (Sheffield Hallam University), Masters and a PhD in Library and Information Science from the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. His experience cuts across education, librarianship,  information and communications technology and publishing

Jeph Ighodaro

International Development Consultant & Social Entrepreneur

Prior to setting up Purple Admiral Foundation, Jeph worked as Nigeria’s focal contact at Defence for Children International for 8years. He holds a Masters in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos. Jeph has experience in education, social work, research and human capital development; areas he has gained skillsets over the last 12years.

‘Lara Olusaiye

International Development Consultant & Media Specialist

Lara holds a degree in Sociology and an MSc in Sociology from the University of Ilorin & the University of Lagos, respectively. She is a member of several social development networks where she holds positions and creating impact. Lara has consulted for international organisations like SEEFAR and coordinated the modern slavery communication campaign in Nigeria. Her area of expertise includes the SDGs, research, community development and media relationship.

Peter Akahomen

Counselling Psychologist & Education Consultant

Peter holds a degree in Counselling and Human Development Studies from the University of Ibadan. His interest cuts across education, research, counselling, and human development which are his core areas of competence. Peter has succeeded in leading projects related to behaviour change and mentoring for young persons under 18 and has deployed his skills for empowering them in communities within Lagos and Oyo State.

Ife Aderoju

Education Administrator

Ife holds a degree in Accounting from the University of Lagos and is a professional member of the Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. He has worked in the business and social development space and has successfully managed the financial portfolio of start-up businesses and NGOs. His areas of expertise includes finance, business development, CSR and education.

Ngozi Udunenwu

Business Analyst & Researcher

Ngozi has worked on several projects, with interest in business development, CSR and social impacts. She holds a degree in Statistics from the Imo State University and has led teams to develop training curriculum and delivering trainings in business development. Ngozi has industry experience in market research, including social and financial inclusion. Her experience cuts across research, CSR, competence development and business research.

Seun Onijamah

Customer Communications Expert & Published Author

Seun holds a degree in Economics Education from Olabisi Onabanjo University, majoring in Curriculum Studies and Instructional Technology.  Until recently, he worked to build clients relationship at Nigeria’s largest telecommunications company. Seun has actively engaged in projects focused on education, community development and mentoring. He has experience and expertise in education, communications and social impacts.


Direct Interventions and Community Engagement

At Purple Admiral Foundation, we support short, mid and long term projects in education, health and other areas of needs in the communities we work in. We pilot projects that can be replicated across geo-political zones in Nigeria to create lasting impacts. Purple Admiral Foundation ensure that in developing our projects, we connect with beneficiaries so that they can understand and contribute towards project implementation. In this way, we ensure sustainability of projects. We sensitize communities on issues around the value based education, health, rights and empowerment and environmental safety.

Research and Advocacy

We like to add to the pool of knowledge and we have developed a research system that helps to identify needs that should be filled. Our team are trained to access information that can assist us make recommendations for our projects and those undertaken by others. We use the information from research as a tool for our advocacy to governments and enablers in communities across Nigeria

Collaborated Projects and Partnerships

We like to work with organisations, individuals, international organisations and government partners to deliver projects as we believe team work is an effective tool for better results. We invite other organisations, NGOs, CBOs, etc. to partner with us on projects within our scope of expertise.

Media Relations

Purple Admiral Foundation works with local media to promote access to verified information in education, health, rights and empowerment and environment. We recognise the media space is critical for sustainable development and growth and means to ensure relevant information is passed across Nigeria. We partner with print and electronic media in this regard.



Addressing the issue of access to education and keeping children in school, especially the girl-child is crucial for reducing global inequalities and forging towards the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goal 4. Like several countries, Nigeria’s basic education system remain overburdened by increasing population. The estimate by UNICEF places Nigeria’s out of school burden at about 10million children. This can weaken the Nigerian system since not every child is receiving proper education. Purple Admiral Foundation identifies the need for a proactive approach to tackling issues that hinder access to basic education in Nigeria. Through partnerships, collaboration, research and advocacy, we  improve on projects that directly increase school enrollment, retention and completion. Beyond this, we pursue initiatives that not only ensure children are in school, but are learning since enrollment does not mean learning.


The quality of healthcare in Nigeria remain low despite efforts of tiers of government to invest more in health. The burden of overpopulation coupled with poor coverage leading to lack of access to basic health services remain a concern. While efforts have often focused on the more generic health conditions such as malaria and typhoid in children, life threatening conditions such as Congenital Heart Diseases, Sickle Cell, Cancer and Diabetes often receive only medical attention. Indeed, a holistic healthcare system recognises the place of palliative care which helps patients to deal with their condition, in other ways including spiritually, emotionally, socially and psychologically. This means providing additional support to family members of patients who live with degenerative health conditions, while improving the quality of life of the patient. Purple Admiral Foundation advocates a comprehensive new approach to the care of children who are facing life threatening health conditions, providing them additional social, emotional, psychological and mental support through the period of care. We support patients and their family members.

Empowerment and Rights

Despite Nigeria’s ratification of several local and international conventions such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, Nigeria’s Child Right Act 2005 and other human right conventions and optional protocols, there is still systematic abuse of children and women’s right. Children, especially girls and women remain the most category within society who are exposed to egregious abuse and rights infringement. Many are potentially affected by forced labour and migration, trafficking and sexual exploitation, with several others poorly equipped with adequate skills that can empower them in a gender imbalanced society. Purple Admiral Foundation understands the need to develop projects that focus on empowering youths, including girls and women with requisite skills that can help them to be more productive. Similarly, we understand that rights and responsibilities must be understood by every citizen, as they pursue a life of fulfilment. We develop our projects in response to these.


The discussion around environment is incomplete without considering the negative effects of climate change and environmental degradation. With global warming accentuated as an international concern leading to several ideation to tackle it’s effects, a radical approach is required by citizens to deal with environmental issues. There is a global movement geared towards dealing with environmental degradation and climate change and Nigeria remains committed to this initiative. Purple Admiral Foundation understands that people need to be enlightened about taking action to reduce the impacts of climate change. To this end, we support local and international initiatives and partner with stakeholders with our goal of potentially mitigating the impact of global warming, environmental challenges and climate change.


Learn at Lunch with Purple Admiral

Motivated by the need to provide insight into various aspects of our thematic focus, Purple Admiral Foundation organises every fourth month of the year, a Lunch Hour Series, ‘Learn at Lunch with Purple Admiral’ which brings together professionals from various sectors of the economy to discuss identified issues. Experts lead the conversation with an audience that respond through the question and answer sessions. A white paper is produced at the end of each series and made available to the public.

Purple Box

This is an innovative mobile ICT summer holiday programme facilitated by Purple Admiral Foundation. The innovation is to move our Purple Box, comprising computers that can be installed at approved locations in Lagos, mostly within Local Government approved Facilities. The Purple Box is set up with Internet facility and allow students from Jss3 to SS3 learn basic computer skills including introduction to computer and other basic ICT software. Each summer holiday programme last 5days, and are mostly non-residential.

Purple Palliative Care

Purple Admiral Foundation matches eligible palliative care professionals (Purple Admirals) with patients (mostly young people facing life threatening conditions such as sickle cell, congenital heart disease and diabetes) needing palliative care support and giving them the opportunity to learn first hand how to support individuals and their families with unique challenges everyday. Application is accepted year-round while nursing students are matched with patients or families on quarterly basis. We work closely with select partner hospitals and families within Lagos Nigeria, at the moment.

Adopt and Sponsor

This includes any of these: support for a child’s education and/or health needs. We invite you to provide support for our identified school age children with families that are severely impacted by poor economic conditions. You can support a child’s education by making cash donation at regular intervals as this would go a long way to keep children in school while meeting their basic needs. You can speak to us about this initiative and we would be willing to give you more details about how this works.

Act Now


We are mostly a volunteer based organisation and we welcome individuals with skills that directly meet our project needs. We believe in autonomy and like to discuss how you can volunteer with us, either remotely or part-time.  We have different roles that you can volunteer. If you think our objectives are in line with what you desire, please send us a mail with your CV and a Statement of Purpose at

Corporate Social Responsibility

We welcome local and international partners to work with us on CSR initiatives and projects. Since CSR is a commitment to supporting communities that we serve, we develop projects that organisations can key into and we are willing to work with their existing models too. If you would like to be contacted for possible collaboration, kindly contact us on

Donate Gifts

We appreciate your kind donation which may come in form of physical items donated to our office. This may include computers, laptops, printers, scanners, artworks, stocks, library collections, motor vehicles, etc. We recognise that we need these things to be more effective and impactful on our work.  We would like to hear from you about this and you can request information by contacting us on or by telephone number +234 702 5347 925

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